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To Our Skin Care Consumers

Our Commitment is to Give You Complimentary, Monthly All Natural AHA Medical Grade Face Peels as a “Love Gift” and Stellar Age Defying and Skin Transforming Skin Repair Products at Fair Value that are Natural, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and Eco-Friendly and formulated with Cosmeceutical, High Pharmaceutical Strength Ingredients in Soothing Natural Botanical Bases.

We stand for LOVE. Our 2 different pharmaceutical strength, medical grade, complimentary peels are offered on a lifetime monthly basis when you follow our skin repair program, and deliver to you anti-aging and protective skin repair UNLIKE any other skin product company. Each peel is valued between $100 & $175 per monthly application and is completely COMPLIMENTARY to allow your home care regime more penetrating and lasting antiaging + skin disorder repair.

There are ONLY 6 repair ingredients you need for optimal and protective skin repair. Essential Lipids, SPF, Antioxidants, Retinol, Alpha Hydroxys and Peptides.

You only NEED 5 products to achieve the most beautiful, youthful and protective skin repair. One to DETOXIFY achieved using mechanical or AHA exfoliation, one to FEED antioxidants achieved using VITAMIN C + RETINOL to Resurface + Transform skin, one to STIMULATE new skin collagen + elastin, achieved using a PEPTIDE, one to HYDRATE skin achieved using daily MOISTURIZER, and one to PROTECT skin, achieved using SPF.

T4 + H Skin Care follow the California Safe Cosmetics Program including the California Safe Cosmetics Chemical List + California Prop 65.

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BUFFERED w/ Sodium Hyaluronate + B5 + Licorice Root + Allantoin + Aloe + Green Tea

Botanical Ingredients to Nourish, Hydrate and Protect the Skin heals blemishes + red skin + repairs sun damage + discoloration + aging skin


Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy

  • smallest molecule in the alpha hydroxy family to penetrate deeper than most exfoliators
  • derived from sugar cane
  • works fast turning over skin cells by weakening lipids that glue dead cells together
  • draws moisture to the skin
  • improves fine line, dullness, brown spots/patches, enlarged pores

Salicylic Beta Hydroxy

  • small molecule from the beta hydroxy family
  • excellent penetration beyond the surface of the skin
  • provides blemish repair + antibacterial protection~ excellent for oily skin
  • strips oil ~ cleanses pores
  • anti-inflammatory, loosens dry scaly skin

An intensive treatment that dissolves the intra-cellular “glue” that bonds cells which prevent proper natural skin exfoliation. Delivers dramatic results, even more remarkable on severely sun damaged or blemished prone skin, including the reduction of past blemish scaring.

Our 30% Buffered Glycolic Miracle Peel effectively helps reduce the depth of surface lines, smooths out rough skin texture, helps fade brown spots, + assists in drying out blemished skin. The naturally occurring “all natural ingredient fruit hydroxys” in this peel remove dead cells + help unclog pores from the skin’s surface. Removing this top layer (where most visible wrinkles subside) allows healthier skin cells to come through, giving a smoother texture to skin + a glowing radiant appearance. Glycolic Miracle Peels help correct sun damage. They are excellent for those with asphyxiated skin that leads to blemished conditions (dry on the surface, oily underneath), aging skin, + smoker’s skin. Dry + thin skin often has a buildup of dead cells that actually keep home care product ingredients from penetrating. Our 30% Buffered Glycolic Miracle Peel removes that surface buildup, hydrating the skin + giving it a more “plump + thicker” appearance. Red skin conditions also improve as redness + inflammation subside substantially, treatment after treatment. The end result of any 30% Buffered Glycolic Miracle Peel is an immediate tightening + brightening of the skin.


w/ Malic + Azelaic + Phytic + Glycolic + Lactic + Pyruvic + NATURALLY BUFFERED w/ Glycerin + Licorice Root + Allantoin + Aloe + Green Tea

Botanical Ingredients to Nourish, Hydrate and Protect the Skin heals blemishes + red skin + repairs sun damage + discoloration + aging skin

phyticalpha Azelaic Alpha Hydroxy is approved for acne and rosacea and can also help with discoloration and anti-aging.
Naturally found in whole grain cereals
  1. Slows the growth + helps kill 2 bacteria that lead to acne
  2. Improves blocked pores
  3. Slows the production of abnormal melanocytes (the pigment producing cells), thus helping to minimize unwanted brown + dark spots.
malicalpha Malic Alpha Hydroxy is celebrated for its ability to brighten the skin + smooth its texture.
  1. Generates collagen formation
  2. Helps avoid the buildup of dead cells
- “Malic breaks down the ‘glue’ that holds the dead skin cells together on the outer layer of the skin.”
azelaicalpha Phytic Alpha Hydroxy: most often used as a skin lighting agent, works by blocking the entrance of iron + copper in the formation of melanin. - Natural plant antioxidant found in bran, cereal seeds, + fruit seeds.
- An iron specific antioxidant: oxidation stress is an important factor in the reduction of the skin inflammatory process
- Proven to be very efficient in the treatment of brown spots + patches in conjunction with glycolic + retinol use.

Glycolic/Lactic/Phyruvic AHA’s have been added to allow the Malic, Azelaic, + Phytic to penetrate deeper into the skin tissue for superior skin repair as well as to enhance natural skin hydration. When lactic is added to Phyruvic, it stimulates the skin system, resulting in more production of a natural anti-aging serum that helps the skin to prevent the withering effects of aging. The net result is younger skin – smoother texture, less evident fine wrinkles, and evident lightening of brown spots + patches. Pyruvic is present in nature in grapes, honey, apples, fermented fruit, and vinegar.


Made from pharmaceutical grade Glycolic + Salicylic or Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Phytic, Azelaic + Phyruvic, our 30% face peels break down the thickening epidermis layer of the skin caused by sun exposure, red skin conditions, smoking, blemishes + aging. The rapid exfoliation allows new skin cells to emerge at a quicker rate due to the fibroblast stimulation of collagen production. Excellent for brown + age spots, blemishes, and all skin conditions that need a strong exfoliation. There is absolutely no down time or irritation and is ideal for all skin types, it truly is an instant facelift…the perfect way to get a tighter, brighter, more even complexion. Immediate results include: reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, boosted moisture levels, evened skin tone, improvements in blemishes and red skin conditions and a plumped-up appearance.



Mineral makeup is a foundation, concealer and sunblock all in one. The radiant easy-to-apply color comes directly from the earth’s natural minerals-containing no dyes, oils, or perfumes that can cause allergic reactions or clog or enlarge pores. Mineral makeup offers anti-inflammatory properties that decrease skin irritation and redness and its SPF factor shields your skin from the sun to help prevent damage, freckling and uneven coloration. Perfect for blemished and red /rosacea prone skin.


SAVE $1,800 TO $2,500 A YEAR

Enhance the results of your lifetime complimentary monthly miracle aha/bha face peels by committing to the use of 4 T4 + H home care products per quarter (or purchase 1 product every month and 2 products every 3rd, 6th, 9th & 12th month). We promise to deliver the same quality pharmaceutical strength ingredients found in leading cosmeceutical skin care brands at exceptional value (usually half the cost of competitors). T4 + H offers specifically formulated cosmeceutical (part pharmaceutical/part cosmetic) products that slough away dead cells, feed the dermis, + stimulate your skin’s own repair mechanisms. T4 + H products prevent and repair blemishes, red skin-rosacea, brown spots/patches, aging, and sun damaged skin. They’re recommended for all ages, genders and skin types and average between $33.50 and $79.50. The average price of a glycolic peel in a medical spa or plastic surgeon office is $100 to $150. You save $1,800 to $2,500 a year between the cost of monthly peels + the cost of leading cosmeceutical skin care brands found in medical spa offices such as Obaji or Skin Ceuticals or Skin Medica. You will see a noticeable difference and improvement in your skin after your first pharmaceutical grade peel and 30 days of home product use, a dramatic skin difference with three months of alpha/beta hydroxy all natural miracle peeling and cosmeceutical skin care, and continued improvement thereafter.

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(Made from All-Natural Plant Based Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Ingredients)


Resurfaces the skin. Triggers a feedback mechanism for the skin to produce new skin cells. Produces positive + visible color + texture changes to the skin. Improves dry skin, blemishes + brown spots. Breaks down + improves in-grown hair skin conditions to control bacteria + reduce the production of blemishes. Reduces skin wrinkling. Improves the quality of the collagen matrix in the dermis. Tightens + strengthens the skin. Gives the skin an extreme dose of hydration. Calms red skin conditions + hydrates red dry skin. Excellent regenerating results for people dealing with hormonal changes. Helps diminish blemish scars + large pores. Eliminates blotchy patches on the skin.

According to Stanford University research, AHA/BHA miracle peeling is the best preventive treatment to stave off potential actinic keratosis non-melanoma skin cancer.

AHA/BHA miracle peeling corrects skin disorders that are due to disturbances in the formation or shedding of the stratum corneum (1st layer of the Epidermis that T4 + H Skin Repair Miracle Peels correct.)

All Natural Pharmaceutical Grade AHA/BHA Miracle Face Peel Facts

In this treatment, superficial (surface) medical grade alpha + beta hydroxy solutions are applied to the skin to remove the top layers, thereby stimulating new tissue growth. Peels are best for small superficial and discolored scars, to improve the skin surface quality and even out the skin tone.

There has been a veritable explosion of interest in face peeling of the skin over the last twenty years. Peeling involves the application to the skin of an all natural alpha/beta hydroxy that causes a shedding of the surface skin layers. The shedding of these layers causes the formation of new skin that is both healthier and less mottled. Besides prompting this process of re-growth, alpha/beta hydroxy’s also “trick” the dermis (the skin’s supporting structure) into producing new collagen + elastin under the skin surface.

The most frequently used alpha-hydroxy peel is glycolic. Glycolic is derived from natural sugar cane and is nontoxic. It is not absorbed into the body and therefore will not cause any internal side effects.

Glycolic stays in the outer skin layers and loosens the dead surface skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother, younger looking skin beneath. It also helps to reduce a buildup of tired or dead cells in the upper levels of the skin. The peel promotes a healthy, youthful glow by reducing the visible signs of aging, smoothing the complexion, balancing irregular skin tones, and generally softening the skin. Research studies have confirmed that repeat glycolic peel application of the correct strength increases skin thickness and reduces abnormal skin brown spot + brown patch pigmentation.

The depth of the glycolic peel is controlled by three factors. These are: 1) the type of glycolic preparation used and its ingredients (lotion, liquid, gel), 2) the concentration of the glycolic (T4 + H = 30%). The acidity is determined by whether or not the peel has been partly neutralized by agents such as soothing botanical buffers-(T4 + H - pH=3:20-3:40), 3) very importantly, the length of time it’s left on your skin. The longer it is left, the further it penetrates and the stronger its effects.

Avoid any changes to your normal facial skincare routine for one week before the peel (for example, facial hair bleaching, exfoliation, electrolysis, waxing). Degrease your face to remove the skin’s protective oil. This allows for a better, more uniform penetration of the glycolic, lactic, and salicylic into the skin. When the peel is applied, you will experience a mild stinging sensation. The peel is left in place for 15 minutes before being washed off with water. You may not actually observe any obvious shedding or peeling after the peel; however, the skin will have been stimulated to turn over more rapidly, and there will be some fine scaling. If there is a blotchy appearance following the peel, this is only temporary and usually fades within a day. Makeup may be applied immediately following the peel, and you may go straight back to work if you like.

After peeling, sunscreen should be used to avoid skin pigment changes. Active-A Retinol and Vitamin C and Skin Lighteners are excellent choices to further enhance the effectiveness of your face peeling. T4 + H 30% lifetime, monthly complimentary Glycolic + H Amazing Blended facial peels assure the reversal of superficial discoloration, superficial blemishes + scars, smaller acne pimples, fine lines, blackheads and whiteheads. Your facial moisture level will be boosted and you will have a tighter, brighter, and more plump appearance.