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All Natural Alpha|Beta|Hydroxy Miracle Face Peels [$125 value|per peel]


T4|H Skin Repair
Cruelty Free | Paraben Free | Eco-Friendly
High Cosmeceutical Strength | Smart Science | Natural Botanicals.

T4|H products provide responsible, clean beauty transparency defined as: sourcing and harvesting and up cycling repair ingredients like coffee grounds, fruit seeds, papaya enzymes, alpha hydroxy’s to not waste additional necessary ingredients. T4|H botanical product ingredients have been chosen since inception from the finest resources around the world, indigenous to their origin, ethical and safe. Clean products are a required attribute of beauty. T4|H tests every product manufactured according to all current FDA requirements.

T4|H Skin Repair formulations follow the California Safe Cosmetics Program including the California Safe Cosmetics Chemical List + California Prop 65.

California Safe Cosmetics visit site

California Safe Cosmetics: Chemical List visit site

California Prop 65 OEHHA Proposition 65 visit site


Your daily resetting ritual to cleanse makeup-dirt-oil-pollution impurities + balance skin pH. Clears the way for Steps 2-4 to have enormous impact building a flawless age | defying face!


ProBiotic | Hydrating | Resurfacing Alpha | Beta Hydroxy Cleanser 8 oz. [$36.50]

All skin types. Combats bacteria | eliminates dead cells | hydrates | brightens skin. Calms red | blotchy skin. | refines texture | prevents breakouts. Foaming gel cleanser blends organic Salicylic Meadowsweet + Glycolic + Lactic Alpha Hydroxy | gently exfoliates. Removes free radical sun damage | pollution. Helps suppress brown spots. Nature + Science Ingredients: alpha beta hydroxy’s | aloe | bioflavonoids | willow bark | green tea |orange |geranium |eucalyptus.All Skin Types

Why pay? $58 Erno Lazlo Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse only 3.3 oz. w|no Alpha Hydoxy’s | no Salicylic | no Antioxidants vs T4 Alpha Beta Hydroxy Cleanser | 8 oz.|$36.50|


Blueberry | Coffee Seed Enzyme Exfoliating | Plumping Polishing Cleanser 5 oz. [$36.50]

All skin types. High-powered anti-oxidant | free radical fighting fruit exfoliating gel repairs skin texture | allows other product ingredients to quickly absorb: (Blueberry)Seed | (Cacao) Seed | (Coffee Seed) | (Green Tea) | (Mangosteen) Seed | (Grape) Fruit | (Papaya) | (Goji Berry) | (Pomegranate) | (Coffee) Seed | (Acai) | Reservatrol | water soluble bioflavonoids easily assimilating into skin. Prevents sun exposure | pollution cell damage. Retinyl Palmitate | B vitamin |Panthenol | Allantoin restore youth.

Fragrance Free w/ organic aloe + multitudes of high-powered antioxidant fruit blends.

Why pay? $95 for Glow Skin Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub if offered as 5 oz. vs T4 Face|Body Boost Blueberry Enzyme Exfoliating|Plumping Polishing Cleanser 5 oz. [$36.50]


Oxygenating | Antioxidant | Firming Peptide | Toner Gel 8 oz. [$36.50]

Normal | Dry | Red | Sensitive Oxygenates | revitalizes| hydrates | smooths | firms sluggish skin w/ ginseng | gingko | rosemary | glycoproteins. Two peptides, palmitoyl oligopeptide + tetrapeptide-7 reduce wrinkles | prevent collagen degradation. Antioxidant resveratrol helps fight cell damage | congested skin. Antioxidants: grapefruit | ginger | green tea | algae | coffee seed | vitamins A|C|E disarm free radical sun exposure | pollution. Aloe | Chamomile | Japanese Green Tea | Lavender reduce redness | calm | smooth | hydrate | firm skin. Apply twice daily on face|neck|chest|body.

Why pay? $54 for only 1.7 oz. DERMAdoctor Lucky Bamboo Water Gel vs T4 Oxygenating|Antioxidant|Firming Peptide Face|Body Toner Gel 8 oz. [$36.50]


ProBiotic Brightening Antioxidant Face Tonic 5 oz. [$36.50]

All skin types: Coconut water | natural alpha hydroxy | pre-biotic lactic | antioxidant | zinc heal blemishes | red skin | restore damaged | dry skin. Anti-bacterial Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide helps destroy bacteria build-up | wash away dead cells | control blemishes | hydrate dry patches for clear | radiant skin. Probiotic yogurt destroys blemish causing bacteria | fungus | germs. Daisy flower brightens | enhances glow. Antioxidants green tea |acai | bilberry | lemon | close pores |calm inflammation | firm |smooth | restore natural pH balance. Use throughout day to hydrate | refresh skin |makeup application.

Why pay? $75 Erno Lazlo Essence Toner w|no Lactic or Zinc |no Antioxidants |no Anti|Bacterial Alpha-Glucan vs H ProBiotic Brighten|Restore Tonic | 5 oz. | $36.50



Highly concentrated treatments penetrating deeply for intense | proven results. Treatments deliver potent active ingredients w/ smaller molecules; absorbing into skin more effectively for a flawless age | defying face!



Dark Circle | Puffy Eyes | Firming Peptide Serum 1/4 oz. [$49.50]

All skin types. Fragrance free. Two peptides: Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 | Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 heal | repair | hydrate wrinkled eyes. Anti-inflammatory antioxidants and seaweed help produce new cells | repair eye tissue | reduce swelling | reduce puffiness | tighten sagging discolored eyes utilizing non greasy hyaluronate as vehicle to penetrate quickly and tighten | fill lines. Clinical tests report 35% reduction in dark circles | 31% reduction in puffiness | 42% improvement in skin smoothness | firmness | texture.

Why pay? $98 HydroPeptide Vital Eyes (0.3 fl. oz.) w|2 Peptides | Bottom 2 Ingredient Listing vs H Dark Circle | Puffy Eyes | Firming Peptide Serum $49.50 w|2 Peptides|#6|#7 Ingredient Listing


Dark Circle + Anti-Puff Eye Lift Crème 1/2 oz. [$49.50]

All skin types. Eyes communicate feelings | a most important aspect of attractiveness. Revolutionary plant extracts from the Persian Silk Tree and Asteraceae Siegesbeckia Orientalis target sagging upper eyelids | extra tissue | extra folds to lift upper eyelids | fight against crow’s feet | fight wrinkles | reduce aged appearance | even skin color |reducing dark circles | creating more youthful | vibrant appearance. Persian Silk Tree extract protects skin cells | aids in fight against glycation to counteract sagging | droopy eyelids. Glycation is responsible for signs of skin fatigue | significantly aging eyes. Persian Silk Tree’s anti-glycation effect tightens | protects eye skin | lifting lids | restoring youth. Asteraceae Siegesbeckia Orientalis is a small slender grass containing active compounds Darutoside. Darutoside stimulating collagen | elastin synthesis | strengthening eye skin | reducing pigment | fading dark circles.

Why pay? $99 for Babor LIFTING RX Eye Solution 1/2 oz. w/ no plant extracts that truly lift upper | lower eyelids and reduce dark circles | puffy eyes vs T4 Dark Circle | Anti-Puff Eye Lift Crème 1/2 oz. [$49.50]


20% Vitamin C Super Serum w/ Vitamins B3 | B5 | E | Ferulic w/Hyaluronic 1 oz. [$79.50]

All skin types. . A dynamic | potent antioxidant blend interacting with each other on deeper levels to fight free radicals | achieve youth. The combination of various antioxidant actives interacting with each other enhances free radical fighting properties creating a more dynamic | potent product than any one ingredient on its own. Combats oxidative stress | provides hydration | skin lightening. The actives work with synergy to boost one another. Ferulic, an organic compound found in plant cell wall components, fights free radicals | lessens DNA damage | cellular aging. Combined w/ Vitamin C | Vitamin E, Ferulic increases its ability fighting free radicals reducing damage. L-Ascorbic Acid’s significant role is Collagen synthesis | thickening skin | reducing fine lines | wrinkles | stimulating elastin | collagen | renewing cells | brightening | de-puffing skin. Thanks to its high 20% percentage, it helps lighten skin. Vitamin E protects skin from scaring | age spots | increases hydration. Vitamin C + E regenerate each other, increasing protection benefits rather than using each vitamin alone. To increase skin whitening, we’ve added Vitamin B3 (Niacin). Vitamin B3 inhibits transfer of pigment to skin surface. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) rejuvenates | heals. Almost triple strength of leading Vitamin C cosmeceuticals. Added Hyaluronic creates a protective barrier due to its ability to pull moisture from air | holding skin’s natural moisture in. Apply AM | PM.

Why pay? $166 SkinCeuticals w|NO B3 | Niacin|No Hyaluronic 5% Less L-Ascorbic|C vs T4|H 20% Vitamin C Super Serum w/ Vitamins B3 | B5 | E | Ferulic w/ Hyaluronic 1 oz. $79.50


1% Extreme Retinol Resurfacing Creme w/ Hyaluronic 1 oz.[$59.00]

All skin types | oil free. Time released pure Vitamin A penetrates outer skin layer | repairs lower skin layers where collagen | elastin reside. Protects skin w/ 1 million International Units Vitamin A, visibly minimizing fine lines | wrinkles | breakouts | scaring | increasing cell regeneration | skin moisture | vibrancy | rapidly turning over | repairing damaged cells. Retinol is Vitamin A in its purest | most active form. Stabilized with antioxidants | natural oil free moisturizers to create gentle | effective skin resurfacing |exfoliation | minimizing irritation. Accelerates cell turnover | prevents pore clogging | rids dead cells | allowing repair | collagen | elastin stimulation | firmer | smoother skin. Formulated in a hyaluronic base.

Why pay? $67 for Obagi 1% Retinol w/ over 32 filler ingredients and NO | Hyaluronic vs T4 Extreme Retinol Resurfacing Creme w/ Hyaluronic 1 oz. [$59.00] formulated simply w/ 11 pure ingredients


PreBiotic Skin Plumping | Clarifying | Smoothing Serum|5% Retinol 6 Peptides|5% Lactic 1 oz. [$99.50]

All skin types|Fragrance free. This powerful 5% Retinol | 5% Lactic | 6 Peptide serum can safely be used AM integrating into the epidermis | skin lipid barrier without causing redness | flaking | discomfort. Minimizes fine lines | wrinkles; repairs blemishes | pores | scars | red | dark pigment spots. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), an essential substance generating energy in cells, improves breakouts | brightens skin | improves elasticity | tone | texture | increases skin EFA’s. The 6 peptides reduce wrinkle depth | wrinkle volume | roughness | relax facial tension | signal skin to make more Collagen Type III (Youth Collagen) | Collagen Type IV, VII, XVI providing exceptional skin resurfacing | smoothing | firming benefits.There is 1% Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, 3% Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) and 2% Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (Matrixyl 3000) + Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 | Tetradecyl Aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric Urea Trifluoroacetate. Alpha Arbutin, a plant based skin lightener inhibits | repairs brown sun spots | scars.

Why pay? $123.50 UltraLuxe Retinol Renewal Serum w|NO % Retinol Listed | NO Peptide Ingredients | NO 5% Lactic | NO Alpha Arbutin Brightener | NO Niacinimide | B3 vs PreBiotic Skin Plumping | Clarifying | Smoothing Serum | 5% Retinol 6 Peptides | 5% Lactic 1 oz. [$99.50]


Bio | Placenta Growth Factor Peptide Treatment 1 oz. [$77.50]

All skin types. Molecularly identical to human placenta growth factors, this epidermal growth factor protein peptide cocktail stimulates | accelerates new collagen | elastin; reduces wrinkles | slows down skin thinning | reduces inflammation | repairs damaged cells. This serum promotes | supports increased | noticeably firmer | smoother | stronger skin. Includes peptides: acetyl hexapeptide 8 (argireline): “natural botox in a bottle”: relaxing facial muscle contraction | reducing wrinkles (forehead, eyes); acetyl hexapeptide 30: smoothing | repairing | reducing wrinkle depth; sh-oligopeptide 1: epidermal protein peptide growth factor that binds to cell receptors | stimulating |accelerating | renewing skin | decreasing skin thinning; sh-oligopeptide 2: epidermal protein peptide growth factor diminishing | protecting against free radical damage; sh- polypeptide: sh-polypeptide 9: sh polypeptide 11: epidermal protein peptide growth factors stimulating cell fission growth | initiating new collagen | elastin. Epidermal growth factor proteins communicate to cells that new collagen needs to be made, accelerating collagen |elastin production | deterring body enzymes breaking down collagen | elastin | reducing inflammation | repairing damaged cells.

Why pay? $148.00 for Zo Obagi Growth Factor 1 oz. w/ only 2 growth factors vs 5 growth factors | you have to count 19 ingredients down to get to an Obagi growth factor vs t4 growth factors 5-9 in our ingredient listing | t4 bioplacenta has 2 peptides | ingredients #12 | 13 | 1 being natural Botox in a bottle | Obagi only 1 peptide and you have to count 21 ingredients down to get to it!


Neck | Chest | Jaw Line | Firm | Lift | Tighten | Move Out | Melt | Fat | Toxins w/Hyaluronic 2 oz. [$59.50]

All skin types. Remodels the contour of lower face | jaw line | neck | chest. Contains advanced fat dissolving | skin tightening actives. Consistent am | pm application necessary to tone | tighten | increase overall elasticity | thickness | forming a protective barrier w/ two active ingredients | stimulating cell circulation | melting fat | moving fluid | toxins out. The 2 actives: ADIPOSLIM (simultaneously restricts | eliminates storage of fats in the adipocytes (fat cells) and inhibits free fatty acid production and stimulating lipolysis, recycling these free fatty acids into energy. ADIPOLESS provides a preventive action against fat formation using an innovative technique whereby the formation of new blood vessels are inhibited | suppressing cell maturation | forcing adipocytes (fat cells) to stay in dormant | nonfat storing form | toning | tightening | increasing overall elasticity | thickness by forming a protective barrier. Creates a silkier | softer texture. Reduces fat deposits | prevents future formation.

Why pay? $115.00 Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE Anti-Aging Neck | Decollete Firm | Repair Cream w|NO Science Actives To Melt Toxins | Remove Fat | No Hyaluronic | 62 Filling Ingredients | Mostly Oils | Botanicals | Only 1.7 oz. vs Neck | Chest | Jaw Line | Firm | Lift | Tighten | Move Out | Melt | Fat | Toxins w/ Hyaluronic 2 oz. [$59.50]


Instant Lifting + Instant Tightening Hyaluronic Super Serum all natural | not a gimmick 1 oz. [$68.00]

All skin types. Tightens | smoothes | instantly lifts sagging skin w/ acacia | cruelty free snail mucin | not a fake tightening paste. Retinol and hyaluronic support collagen production | cumulatively increase fibroblasts [connective tissue] | stimulate cellular growth | rearranges skin’s extracellular matrix | increases elasticity | density | volume | reduces free radical damage | safeguards against environmental stress | plumps | hydrates | heals nicks | heals scars. The Retinyl palmitate converts into retinol which in turn converts into retinoic acid by specialized enzymes in the skin. To get the skin lifting | tightening effect, a Polymer ingredient forms a thin network on the surface of the skin. As the serum dries, the Polymer retracts, lifting | smoothing skin as the film tightens. The Polymer is a safe and effective blend of Acacia Gum obtained from the stem and branches of the African Acacia Tree, and a Biopolymer produced by a microorganism living in plant roots. Snail Mucin is an incredibly effective anti-aging ingredient. The moisturizing | regenerative benefits of Snail Mucin were initially observed while snails were being handled for their escargot culinary value. Snail breeders noticed that their hands were always superbly moisturized | soft. Nicks | scrapes | cuts heal rapidly | scar free. Thanks to the simplicity of snail biological makeup, the mucin is easily transferred to human skin. Increases skin ability to take up | hold water | creating more elastic | voluminous | dense epidermal layer for increased moisture | healthier skin. Apply am | pm to clean | dry skin | preferably on top of SPF if you are not a heavy makeup user for the most visible lifting effect.

Why pay? $260 For Neocutis MICRO SERUM Intensive Anti-Aging and Tightening Treatment [1 fl. oz.] w/ NO Acacia | NO Retinol and NO Snail Mucin To Truly Tighten vs Instant Lifting + Instant Tightening Super Hyaluronic Serum 1 oz. [$68.00]


Hydrolyzed Plant Collagen Super Firming | Hydrating Treatment 2 oz. [$64.00]

All skin types. Firms | restores | stimulates new collagen | tightens. A hydrating epigenetic treatment w/ plant-based collagen | 2 peptides: Matrixyl 3000 | Argiriline. Swiss apple stem cell | ginger help epigenetic regulation; improving firmness | elasticity | reducing fine lines | wrinkles. Super hydrates | firms | repairs UVA | UVB sun damage. You deserve renewed smoothness | tightness | tone | boosted hydration.

Why pay? $160.00 Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream w|NO Hydrolyzed Plant Collagen |Only 1 Peptide | NO Stem Cells | Only 1.7 oz. vs Hydrolyzed Plant Collagen Super Firming | Hydrating Treatment 2 oz. [$64.00]


2% Hydroquinone Hydrating Skin Lightening Crème w/Vitamin C | Jojoba + Hyaluronic 1 oz. [$46.50]

All skin types. Oil free. Fragrance Free. 2% Hydroquinone + Vitamin C lighten dark spots |dark patches in an extremely hydrating jojoba | apricot | squalene | hyaluronic non-irritating oil free moisturizing base. The #1 doctor ‘go to’ for repairing skin tone | color due to acne scars | sun spots | brown age spots | brown patch melasma. Reduces sun induced brown spot hyperpigmentation | fragrance free | recommended w/ SPF 30 daily application. The length of time fading spots varies per individual | noticeable results within 2 weeks | continued progress afterward | prevents future dark skin patches. 2% Hydroquinone is a white crystalline phenol that occurs naturally.

Why pay? $102.00 Rodan + Fields Reverse Skin Lightening Treatment w|NO Hyaluronic | NOT Oil-free | LESS than 1 oz. vs T4 2% Hydroquinone Hydrating Skin Lightening Crème w/ Vitamin C | Jojoba + Hyaluronic 1 oz. [$46.50]


Sun | Age Spot Remover w/ Hyaluronic 1 oz. [$62.00]

All skin types. Oil free. Pigment correction gel | disarms dark spots | dark skin patches | acne scaring | acne marks | pregnancy mask | hormone dark patches w/ 4% Helxylresorcinol + Niacinamide (B3). Hydroquinone free. Clinically proven to work 4 times more effectively than hydroquinone to lighten skin utilizing Niacinamide (B3) working in synergy with Helxylresorcinol. Formulated with moisturizing Hyaluronic as a skin smoothing gel | contains ingredients providing anti-oxidant | skin protective benefits. 4%-Hexylrescorcinol is an organic | naturally derived compound | best applied over one of our serums like 20% C for full absorption.

Why pay? 130.00 isClinical White Lightening Serum w|NO Hyaluronic | NO B3 | Niacinimide | NO 4% Helxylresorcinol vs Sun | Age Spot Remover w/ Hyaluronic 1 oz. [$62.00]



Essential Lipid | Ceramide Serum 1 oz. [$62.00]

All skin types. Oil free. A mixture of plant derived lipids extracted via bio-fermentation restructures outer skin layer | restores critical moisture balance | fortifies delicate membranes | locks in moisture | regaining immunity | youth. Hydrates | soothes | dry| cracked | weathered | red irritation. Replenishes natural essential lipids lost to aging | washing | stress | sun | pollution. The outer skin loses natural lipid count and the effectiveness | speed replenishing natural essential lipids is hindered by age | diet | stress | genetics. Delivers instant | rapid delivery replenishment to lacking | undernourished cells | boosting moisture equilibrium. Like replacing old disheveled tiles on house roofs w/ new structured tiles, ceramide rearrangement | replacement | strengthens skin for lasting moisture balance | environmental protection.

Why pay? $115 SKIN INC Supplement Bar Ceramide Serum (0.34 fl. oz.) For The Equivalent of 1 oz. H Essential Lipid | Ceramide Serum [$62.00]


Fix It Antioxidant Nectar 1 oz. [$54.00]

All skin types. Oil-free | anti-aging | instant calming | relief serum for red skin | rosacea | Superior Anti-Red | Anti-Irritation Nourishing Serum applied am | pm. | beta hydroxy salicylic combined w/ turmeric | tea tree | niaouli oil, + antioxidant phloretin promote clear | balanced skin | absorbs quickly leaving soft | moisturized finish | supports skin clarity | visibly reduces redness | irritation | fights | heals blemishes | repairs clogged pores | soothes dryness | sensitivity often associated w/ red | rosacea skin | calming | soothing irritated skin. Potent plant antioxidants boost skin’s defenses against environmental stressors. Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract (Licorice Extract) soothes irritation | brightens skin. Bisabolol, a potent, plant-derived antioxidant reduces redness | protects skin against environmental stressors | Phloretin, separated from the root of an apple or pear | a potent antioxidant safeguarding skin against environmental damage | free radical lipid oxidation.

Why pay? $100 for Colorescience All Calm Redness Corrector vs Fix It Antioxidant Nectar 1 oz. [$54.00]


Blemish | Pore | Wrinkle Fighter

All Natural | Leave On 10% Mandelic Alpha Hydroxy Treatment 2 oz. [$56.00]

All skin types. This alpha hydroxy | leave on | self-neutralizing treatment is derived from natural bitter almonds and safe for all skin types due to low irritation. Exfoliation is necessary to strengthen skin barrier | stimulate new cell renewal | fight lines | wrinkles | acne | blemishes. Unlike any other alpha hydroxy, Mandelic kills bacteria w/ natural antibiotic action. Reduces excess oil | unblocks pores | smooths | evens texture | tone. Excellent skin brightener | conditioner. Mandelic‘s use in skincare was pioneered by Dr. Fulton, one of the researchers who developed Retin-A. Use of Mandelic can increase effectiveness of other pigment correcting treatments | general usage has cumulative results. Mandelic applied daily | gently on lower eye area results in smooth under eye texture | improving fine lines | bypassing need for phenol peel | laser eye treatments that may cause under eye discoloration.

Why pay? $60 for only 1 oz. Vivant Skin Care 8 Percent Mandelic Acid vs a full 2 oz. and 2% STRONGER All Natural | Leave On 10% Mandelic Alpha Hydroxy Treatment [$56.00] You’d have to pay $120 for Vivant and get 2% less Mandelic strength!

Blemish | Pore | Wrinkle Fighter + Hydrator!

Fix It Blemish Correcting Serum 1 oz. [$54.00]

All skin types. Oil free. Non-irritating nectar serum applied am | pm. beta hydroxy salicylic combined w/ turmeric | tea tree | niaouli oil, + antioxidant phloretin help promote clear | balanced skin. absorbs quickly leaving soft | moisturized finish | supports skin clarity | reduces redness | irritation | fights + heals blemishes | repairs clogged pores | soothes dryness | sensitivity often associated with breakout skin. With a host of botanicals | salicylic acid + herbal extracts, its clarifying properties reduce the appearance of clogged pores + blemishes | tea tree oil targets trouble spots w/out causing excess dryness | flaking. Phloretin helps deter breakouts + blemishes + calms | soothes irritated skin.The very best of clinical ingredients visibly reduce redness | calms stressed | irritated skin, clarifies | heals pores + blemishes | detoxes + soothes.

Why pay? $80 for Sunday Riley U.F.O. Clarifying Acne Treatment | 1 oz. w/ same ingredients but NO skin strengthening Phloretin vs Fix It 1 oz. [$54.00]

Blemish | Pore | Wrinkle Fighter + Hydrator!

6% Pure Glycolic Blemish | Pore | Wrinkle Exfoliating | Hydrating Gel 1 oz. [$49.50]

All skin types. Oil free. Non-irritating | anti-bacterial | water based | oil-free w/ added Aloe | Vitamins A | E | Japanese Green Tea | Chamomile | Cucumber | Marshmallow to heal red skin irritation. 6% pure glycolic is the smallest alpha hydroxy molecule | deeply penetrates | encouraging dead cell turnover | collagen production | fights wrinkles, | blemishes | scaring | repairs pores | helps lighten skin discoloration | curtails inflammation | tightens | firms skin. Apply am |pm before serums | cremes for 6% glycolic to penetrate effectively.

Why pay? $78 for NeoStrata Glycolic Renewal Serum | 1 oz. w/ NO aloe, green tea, chamomile, cucumber, marshmallow botanicals known to heal skin irritations + red skin conditions vs 6% Pure Glycolic Blemish | Pore | Wrinkle Exfoliating | Hydrating Gel | 1 oz. [$49.50]

Best Selling Severe Acne | Breakout Skin Fixer!

Extreme Blemish Zapper 1 oz. [$49.50]

Potent | powerful formula dries up blemishes | infected pores overnight. Size | severity of blemished areas are reduced overnight. Maximum strength salicylic | sulfur | zinc oxide kill bacteria | disinfect skin | absorb excess oil | breaks down blackheads | whiteheads. Added Salicylic targets hair follicle oil to exfoliate pores | clear comedones. Camphor provides a cooling effect to skin. Scientifically proven to effectively dry up blemishes | disinfecting to prevent future breakouts. Use at bedtime.

Why pay? $120 Epionce Purifying Spot Gel Blemish Clearing Tx (10 ml.) For the Equivalent Extreme Blemish Zapper 1 oz. [$49.50]



Maintain a healthy skin barrier w/ emollient hydrators-resurfacing skin-repairing wrinkles-loaded w/ antibacterial | antioxidant-free radical fighting ingredients that treat-protect-hold in hydration for a supple-smooth-flawless age | defying face.


PreBiotic Retinol | Vitamin C | Alpha Lipoic DMAE Eye | Face | Neck Repair Cream w/ Hyaluronic 2 oz. [$74.50]

[ a must if not choosing T4 | H 20% C and H 5% Retinol | 5% Lactic Serum or T4 Extreme Retinol Resurfacing Creme]

All skin types | Fragrance free. A Retinol | Vitamin C delivery system providing maximum release w/out peeling or irritation | resurfacing | smoothing | stimulating new cells | new collagen | elastin | clearing blemishes | improving discoloration | brown spots | skin tone | texture. Diminishes sun damage | wrinkles | brightens. DMAE firms | ntones | tightens. Clinically tested anti-oxidative Daisy Flower lightens skin | brown spots | skin imperfections. Prebiotic Alpha Glucan Oligosaccharide aids skin’s immune | healing system | keeping bacteria out | preventing breakouts | clogged pores | protects against skin redness | inflammation. It is a bio selective substrate for beneficial microbial flora, eco flora, preventing pathogens | undesirable flora. Alpha Lipoic blended w/ essential lipid Ceramides + Hyaluronic promote cell energy | fight free radicals | reduce inflammation | retain high skin moisture levels. Vitamin C’s antioxidant | anti-inflammatory | UV sun protection treats surface blemishes | stimulates new collagen | whitens | prevents dark spots. Vitamin C antioxidant Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate’s encapsulation is gentle | stable | converts into Ascorbic Acid once absorbed. A unique new Retinol encapsulated delivery system provides maximum release without irritation. Alpha Lipoic Acid fights free radicals | produces new cell energy | fights inflammation. Hyaluronic, an excellent humectant holds 1,000 times its own weight in water retaining moisture levels on skin’s surface. Ceramide fat lipids help skin retain moisture | cell regulation. Shea butter heals | protects | increases hydration | calms irritated skin. Hyaluronic | Aloe | Ceramide-3 fully protect skin lipid barrier.

Why pay? $116 Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream w|NO Retinol | NO DMAE | NO Ceramide | NO Hyaluronic | NO Skin Brighteners | NO Alpha Lipoic | No Antibacterial Ingredients | Only 1.7 oz. vs PreBiotic Retinol | Vitamin C | Alpha Lipoic DMAE Eye | Face | Neck Repair Cream w/ Hyaluronic 2 oz. [$79.50]


Collagen Boosting Face Repair Crème w/ Retinol + Vitamin C 2 oz. [$64.50]

[ a must for dehydrated | dry skin if not choosing T4 | H 20% C and H 5% Retinol | 5% Lactic Serum or T4 Extreme Retinol Resurfacing Creme]

Resurfaces | moisturizes | firms. Retinol naturally converts to a mild prescription strength tretinoin, helping accelerate new cell production + exfoliate old damaged cells; boosting | rebuilding collagen w/ its non-irritating retinol + vitamin c. Soothes red | irritated | dehydrated skin. Improves skin texture | firmness | fine lines | wrinkles. Enhances protection from UV sun damage. Vitamin C Tetrahexyldecyl | oil soluble Vitamin C penetrates into skin 50 times more efficiently than other C formulations | increasing collagen production | repairing sun damaged skin. Natural moisturizing factor Soybean Oil keeps outer skin layer intact | preventing cells from losing water, creating smooth | non-flaky skin. Sodium Hyaluronate, an excellent humectant | emollient, lubricates | soothes skin. Allantoin + Vitamin E, excellent anti-irritants + antioxidants nourish | protect skin from premature free radical breakdown. Ginseng + Gingko revitalize | condition | purify | detoxify. Horse Chestnut heals congested | irritated skin. Rosa Canina, a rich source of vitamin C + a, b, b2, e, k + p, contains iron + copper compounds, nourishing skin. Added collagen moisturizes | plumps.

Why pay? $98 Clark’s Botanicals Retinol Rescue Creme | Only 1.7 oz. w/ NO Vitamin C | NO Rose Hips | NO Collagen | Retinol listed as 48th ingredient vs Collagen Boosting Face Repair Crème w/ Retinol + Vitamin C: 14th in ingredient listing | 2 oz. [$64.50]


Anti-Aging | Antioxidant | Clarifying | Peptide Wrinkle Creme w/COQ10 | Red Tea | Chamomile | Sage | Neroli | w/Hyaluronic 2 oz. [$59.50]

All skin types | oil free. Clinically proven to produce healthy | younger looking skin. Improves skin’s elasticity | tone | texture. Protects against free radicals | boosts immune function | anti-bacterial. Regular weekly use has cumulative effects producing youthful skin. Three peptides: Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (argireline): “natural botox in a bottle” inhibits muscle contraction | reduces preexisting wrinkle depth | relaxes facial tension. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 + Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 reduce wrinkle depth | skin roughness | increase skin lifting | radiant skin tone. A glycoprotein from the Antarctica sea •Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract reduces skin roughness | promotes collagen |elastin formation | significant anti wrinkle activity. Co-Enzyme Q10 | Red Tea | powerful antioxidants preventing free radical collagen | elastin damage + protect against sun damage | pollution | soothing irritated skin | reducing red skin inflammation | improving skin texture | tone. Botanical’s Chamomile | Sage | Neroli deliver anti-irritant | anti-oxidant | soothing | antiseptic | anti-fungal | new cell stimulation properties for blemish free | rejuvenated | lifted skin. Oil free Jojoba | Apricot Kernel | Squalene | Hyaluronic create a protective barrier pulling moisture from air | holding natural moisture in. Added plant lipids deliver additional anti-inflammatory | skin nutritional | moisturizing agents.

Why pay? $92 Glytone Age-Defying Antioxidant Night Cream w| Only 2 Peptides Listed As Last 2 Ingredients | No Glycoproteins | No COQ10 | No Neroli | Only 1 oz. vs Anti-Aging | Antioxidant | Clarifying | Peptide Wrinkle Creme w/ COQ10 | Red Tea | Chamomile | Sage | Neroli | w/Hyaluronic 2 oz. | Including 3 Peptides # | 6 | 7 | 8 | Listing In Ingredients [59.50]


Face | Eye Recovery Creme 2 oz. [$62.50]

New biotechnology amazingly rebalances skin microbiome | providing significant hydration and repair for hormone deficient or eczema | psoriasis compromised barrier function, fully addressing red | inflamed | dry | itchy skin as well as reducing the amount of p. aureus bacteria to help eliminate blemishes | bumps. A true, bountiful hydrating RESCUE creme for face, neck, chest and eyes! Shea, black currant for hormone dryness, noni, vetiver, arnica heal red, swelling, inflammation, calendula super calms redness, itchiness....this formula includes 6 certified organic ingredients: Aloe + Helianthus, Arnica, Chamomile, Centella, Calendula, Bromelain; repairing devitalized, dry, mature, rough, irritated, blemished, dark circles, inflammation, irritations, acne, rosacea, sunburn, itching; all anti-inflammatory, antibacterial to further reduce inflammation and heal severe dryness.

Why pay? $80 for only 1.6 oz of Eve Lom TLC Creme w/ only 1/2 the botanicals and 1/2 the nourishing hydrators vs. T4 Face | Eye Recovery Creme 2 oz. $64.50



You know the drill, rain or shine | 365! And t4 | h SPF is over the top! Replenishing dehydration-dullness for an immediate | long lasting | strong skin immunity | flawless age | defying face!


Anti | Aging SPF 25 Vibrant Day Brightening Crème w/ Plant Stem Cells 2 oz. [$48.50]

All skin types. Oil free. Non-Irritating. | matte | light finish | full spectrum UVA | UVB protection. Antioxidants Vitamin E | Zinc | Green Tea | Sage | Birch | Kola Nut | Aloe fight free radical damage | prevent actinic keratosis | prevent | calm | red | irritated skin | anti-bacterial | reduce scars | brighten | protect against pollution as they moisturize. High potency plant stem cells regulate collagen | improve skin blood flow | elasticity | texture | hydrate | protect free radical damage | fight aging signs. Technology advanced | patented 4% Zinc Oxide is a ‘non-chemical’ | not absorbed into skin | calms redness | irritation.

Why pay? $69.00 Perricone MD Photo-Brightening Moisturizer SPF w| NO Doc Preferred Zinc Oxide | NO Brightening Plant Stem Cells | No High Antioxidants NOT Oil Free | NOT Matte vs Anti | Aging SPF 25 Vibrant Day Brightening Crème w/ Plant Stem Cells Superior 4% Zinc Oxide [$48.50]


SPF 30 sun | red skin | blemish fix w/ 7% zinc oxide | natural beeswax | natural carnauba 1 oz.

Select translucent creme or universal tint makeup cream [$39.50]

All skin types: Oil free | Fragrance free | Non-irritating. 7% Zinc Oxide effective | reliable | full spectrum UVA | UVB protector | remains on surface skin | vs | absorbed | providing no irritation | no allergic reaction. Super high hydration | heals red skin | breakouts w/ red | blemish healing 7% zinc strength. Repairs dry | cracked skin. The universal tinted mineral make-up version acts as a beauty balm | primer | evening tone | brightening | softening | smoothing lines | wrinkles. Natural | cruelty free | beeswax provides super hydration | softness | nutrient dense essential lipids. Natural Carnauba derived from African palm trees provides additional hydration | glamorous radiance. Technology advanced patented 7% Zinc Oxide is a ‘non-chemical’ | not absorbed into skin | and calms redness | irritation.

Why pay? $53.50 Pevonia Botanica YouthRenew™ Tinted Cream SPF 30 w| NO Doc Preferred Zinc Oxide vs Superior 7% Zinc Oxide | Fragrance Free | Essential Lipids | Cruelty Free Triple Hydrating Beeswax | Carnauba Palm $39.50 Universal Tint or Translucent Creme


SPF 30 Natural Mineral Eye | Face Sunscreen Moisturizer 2 oz. [$29.50]

All skin types. Oil free | Fragrance free | Non-Irritating | 4% Titanium Dioxide | full spectrum UVA | UVB protection | lightweight | transparent | reduces red skin inflammation | irritation | allergic sensitivity. Antioxidants Aloe | Vitamin E minimize premature aging | dark spots | protect free radical | pollution exposure. Natural | oil free sunflower | safflower | soothe | moisturize.


For those times in our life cycle where body parts lack growth or experience sun | acne | brown spot | wrinkle damage | loose | slack | scaly | eczema | psoriasis | cellulite | severe are your answers!


Super Peptide Lash Regenerator .16 oz [$64.50)

All skin types. The most researched and best active ingredient for lashes is Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 and it is one of the most potent ingredients ever to support eyelash growth. To be effective, MP-17 has to be listed as at least its 3rd listed ingredient, the required amount studies show works to grow lashes. Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 is costly and its rare that lash formulas use the right amount. For full, thick, eyelashes that really stand out, MP-17 is the most proven ingredient for stimulating hair growth in global market research . Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 is #2 in our lash ingredient list. Our lash serum includes Grape Stem Cell and Panthenol (B5), so effective for lash regrowth. The key is compliance, it must be applied at least once daily to see effective lengthening and fuller lashes in about 6 weeks- a little goes a long way.... May also be applied to the brows for hair thickening and filling.

Why pay? $150 Rodan + Fields same oz. size lash regenerator as ours but NO MP-17 and 1st listed peptide is 9th on ingredient list vs. Super Peptide Lash Regenerator .16 oz [$64.50) + Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 as the generous #2 listed ingredient for effective lash growth.


15% All Natural Glycolic | Lactic | Pyruvic Face | Body Peel w/Skin Brightening Kojic 2 oz. [$49.50]

Normal | Sun Damage | Dry | Acne | Blemished. Removes thickened damaged skin | regenerates hands | neck | chest | face | improves oily | blemish skin | hydrates | smoothes | dry | rough skin | reduces pore size | fine lines | wrinkles | improves texture | tone | stimulates collagen | elastin. A strong dose of added Kojic AHA lightens brown spots | discolored skin. Reduces rough bumpy skin caused by Keratosis Pilarsis | reduces scaly plaques | cracked heels | elbows | knees | dry | rough body skin. To be used once per week. Fruit AHAs (Glycolic) are naturally occurring substances found in fruits varieties | apples | sugar cane and deeply penetrate skin. Lactic loosens | removes aging cells | oil | debris | dark patches attached to skin surface. When lactic is added to Phyruvic it stimulates the skin system, resulting in more production of a natural body anti-aging serum | helping skin prevent withering effects of aging. Net result: younger skin. Phyruvic stimulates collagen | elastin | dermal glycoproteins | provides anti-bacterial properties for problematic skin.

Why pay? $122 For Only 1.7 oz. Sunday Riley GOOD GENES Glycolic Acid Treatment w/ NO Pyruvic or Lactic or Kojic to Intensely Brighten, Hydrate, Repair Wrinkles + Brown Spots vs 15% All Natural Glycolic | Lactic | Pyruvic Face | Body Peel w/ Skin Brightening Kojic 2 oz. [$49.50]


Oxygenating | Antioxidant | Firming Peptide Face | Body Toner Gel 8 oz. [36.50]

All skin types. Oxygenates | revitalizes | hydrates | smooths | firms sluggish skin w/ ginseng | gingko | rosemary | glycoproteins. Two peptides, palmitoyl oligopeptide + tetrapeptide-7 reduce wrinkles | prevent collagen degradation. Antioxidant resveratrol helps fight cell damage | congested skin. Antioxidants: grapefruit | ginger | green tea | algae | coffee seed | vitamins A | C | E disarm free radical sun exposure | pollution. Aloe | Chamomile | Japanese Green Tea | Lavender reduce redness | calm | smooth | hydrate | firm skin. Apply twice daily on face | neck | chest | body.

Why pay? $54 for only 1.7 oz. DERMAdoctor Lucky Bamboo Water Gel vs T4 Oxygenating | Antioxidant | Firming Peptide Face | Body Toner Gel 8 oz. [$36.50]


T4 Vitamin A | D | E Skin Resurfacing | Firming | Super Hydrating Body Butter 8 oz. [$45.00]

All skin types. An anti-aging body boost butter strengthening skin barrier function as it plumps, tightens, firms. It stimulates cell turnover | circulation and aids natural collagen production with abundant ingredients rich in omega fatty acids: oleic, stearic, palmitic + linolenic to protect | nourish skin from drying. Softens | strengthens | reduces wrinkles. Antioxidants aloe, gingko, cucumber, green tea help reverse sun | free radical damage and reduce red skin inflammation. Ideal for compromised skin barrier function experiencing dry | sensitive | flaking | cracked | rough | bruised | eczema | dermatitis rash conditions.

Why pay? $85 for Replenix | only 7 oz vs T4 Revamp | Plump | Firm Body Boost Butter 8 oz. [$45.00]


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