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Hi!! I’m Helena Armour, President and Founder of T4 Skin Care + H Skin Repair Cosmeceutical products + our fabulous complimentary (no fee) all natural, pharmaceutical grade alpha/beta hydroxy miracle face peel program. I’ve dedicated more than 20 years to researching cutting-edge "new generation" skin repair ingredients and transforming them into products that reverse and heal premature aging, blemished, red skin/rosacea, environmental and sun damaged skin.

Twenty years ago I woke up and came to terms with my own damaged skin. A blotchy grey complexion, brown sun spots + extreme sun damage walking 18 holes at golf tournaments on the PGA Tour for the last 33 years. Good quality, over the counter cosmetics like Lancome and Clarins were no longer “cutting the cake”. My complexion needed a major boost from medi-spas offering all natural but pharmaceutical grade alpha/beta hydroxy miracle face peels and high strength cosmeceutical (part pharmaceutical/part cosmetic) skin repair products to strip off accumulated skin damage from years in the sun, aging, exposure to pollution and air travel.


My new medi-spa skin care approach worked miracles on my face as the five pictures below testify. The 1993 picture is my skin BEFORE medi-spa alpha/beta hydroxy miracle face peeling and high strength skin repair products; the 2004 picture is after 6 years of consistent alpha/beta hydroxy miracle face peeling and cosmeceutical high strength face products and the 2012 picture is after 14 years of consistent alpha/beta hydroxy miracle face peeling and high strength product face repair. Here is my latest 2017 photo as I continue to monthly peel with all natural plant based pharmaceutical alpha/beta hydroxy face peels and no plastic surgery!

Sadly, the downside when you achieve “buffed + repaired skin” is that if you don’t keep using cosmeceutical skin products on a daily basis the skin reverts back to its old and damaged condition. It’s like going to the dentist and getting your teeth cleaned and plaque removed. Your teeth feel and look terrific but a couple months down the road, stained teeth and plaque resurface. It’s the same with facial skin. If you don’t keep stripping your skin with alpha/beta hydroxy pharmaceutical grade miracle face peels and if you don’t apply Retinol + Vitamin C + Peptides + Sun + Age Spot Removers + high quality Titanium or Zinc full spectrum physical sun blocks; sun spots, blotchy complexions, red skin, actinic keratosis, acne, fine lines + wrinkles return in a heart-beat!

I felt guilty at the maintenance cost of high quality alpha/beta hydroxy miracle face peels and high quality + high strength skin repair products and felt awful that “buffed, healthy and age defying skin” is not affordable for most people in the US….so I did something about it.


This led to launching T4 Skin Care + H Skin Repair + our complimentary all natural pharmaceutical grade miracle peel program. Easy product steps and safe AHA/BHA peels for all skin types, ages and conditions that synergistically work together to repair, hydrate, and protect premature aging, blemishes, red skin/rosacea, environmental and sun damaged skin. Our products address skin damage and premature aging attack to the skin without compromising on the integrity and quality ingredients found in other leading cosmeceutical skin repair lines. I started offering the T4 + H products + complimentary AHA/BHA peels to my golf and tennis friends and the T4 + H end user market started growing.

The reason I can afford to offer you high quality and high strength skin repair products and complimentary (no fee) pharmaceutical grade miracle peels is because our peel + product program grows by word of mouth. Consumers or Resellers stumble upon the product line and read about or hear about T4 + H products and our fabulous complimentary (no fee) AHA/BHA miracle face peels by the “anatomy of the buzz”; word of mouth advertising approach. Profits are reinvested to keep up with the latest, best quality, and strongest "new generation" repair ingredients the skin industry offers and rather than pass advertising dollars to your retail product prices, we trust that smart people like you will find us and “fix their face and go bare” with T4 + H Skin Repair.

Underneath the top layer of facial skin is a layer of fibroblasts that become damaged and crisscrossed through chronological, environmental, red skin/blemished and sun damage aging. These damaged fibroblasts prevent baby cells from pushing forward every 28 days to replace old dead surface skin cells. The damaged fibroblasts also prevent efficient elastin and collagen production that keep skin plump and tight.

Today, superficial all natural alpha/beta hydroxy miracle face peels are the number two most requested non invasive plastic surgery procedure in the United States. The average price for all natural AHA/BHA medical grade miracle face peels in a plastic surgeon's office is $100 to $150.

Tzone Enterprises Inc. Skin Care ™ strictly uses an all-natural 30% glycolic, salicylic or glycolic, malic, lactic, azelaic, phytic + phyruvic face peel. After about four to six monthly peels a client has completely rejuvenated their top layer of skin. But, what the medical spa world will not tell you is that the results of a series of peels will only give a rejuvenating lasting effect to the facial skin for about six months. The skin eventually reverts back to its old condition due to the lack of fibroblast stimulation and due to the re-exposure of the skin to sun and environmental conditions that recreate sun spots, blemishes, red skin and wrinkling.

The top six reasons to monthly AHA/BHA peel are to reduce skin wrinkling, tighten + strengthen skin by increasing skin thickness, eliminate blotchy patches + even skin tone, increase moisture content by 300% + as many consumer converts will testify, the best treatment to get a glow + prevent non-melanoma skin cancer + free radical damage. This is why Tzone Enterprises Inc. Skin Care ™ promises lifetime monthly complimentary 30% all natural AHA/BHA miracle face peels to clients who maintain a T4 or H product home care program of at least four essential products. Used on a daily basis, our cosmeceutical home care products are designed with the latest nanotechnology cosmecuetical and pharmaceutical ingredients to feed the dermis and stimulate your skin's own repair mechanisms in between monthly AHA/BHA peels to further heal red skin/rosacea, blemishes, aging, brown spots and environmental sun damage.

After years in medical spa consulting, I felt a yearning to meet the need for skin repair products that would offer the benefits of the high-priced products marketed through dermatologists and plastic surgeons in an efficient, cost-effective label. The result is a mid-priced cosmeceutical (part pharmaceutical/part cosmetic) skin repair line and mineral powder or liquid spf makeup line that does not compromise on the integrity and quality of ingredients found in higher priced pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical lines. In addition, Tzone Enterprises Skin Care™ provides clients its "signature service" of lifetime monthly complimentary 30% alpha/beta hydroxy all natural miracle face peels when a client continuously uses at least four essential T4 Skin Care/H Skin Repair home care products.

Thank you for choosing T4 + H skin repair products + our complimentary aha/bha peel program formulated for Tzone Enterprises Inc.™.

Helena Armour-Founder