the 1st Company to Pioneer Lifetime Monthly Pharmaceutical
All Natural Alpha|Beta|Hydroxy Miracle Face Peels [$125 value|per peel]

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helena-2021 Helena Armour, President and Founder of T4 Cosmeceuticals [pharmaceutical cosmetic], began her journey into the skincare market following the realization that walking golf courses for more than thirty years during PGA TOUR sun exposure had significantly damaged her skin. Golfers may recognize Helena's family surname as Tommy Armour III is the youngest of three generations of PGA championship golfers beginning with Tommy's grandfather in the 1920s. The name, still used as a brand of golf clubs, is synonymous with excellent quality and time-honored care.

That personal experience piqued Helena's awareness of environmental factors that influence the health of the skin. She gathered knowledge from the top chemists and physicians in the industry to create T4 Cosmeceutical Skin Repair. Armour has dedicated more than twenty-two years researching cutting edge, new generation skin repair ingredients, transforming them into her line of products. T4 is the first company to pioneer complimentary, monthly, all-natural, alpha hydroxy miracle face peels followed by high-quality cosmeceutical home product repair. Since its inception, T4 Cosmeceuticals has provided tremendous user appeal, causing significant company growth. In times when consumers desire to reevaluate how they spend their disposable income, T4 Cosmeceutical Skin Repair is time honored and turns back the clock of time. Four fast and easy steps along with a complimentary, monthly, all natural, alpha hydroxy miracle face peel, the message within each product description is prestige, quality, generosity, affordability, yet simple to follow.

One can apply a $500 Channel facial creme and obtain no skin repair results! There are 25 layers of dead cells sitting on the top epidermal layer of skin. Unless these dead cells are stripped, any repair product will not penetrate deep enough into the dermis to fully repair skin damage. Underneath the top layer of facial skin is a layer of fibroblasts that become damaged and crisscrossed through chronological aging, sun, environmental damage. These damaged fibroblasts prevent new skin cells from pushing forward every 28 days to replace old dead surface cells. The damaged fibroblasts prevent efficient elastin + collagen production that become repaired|renewed applying monthly, complimentary T4 peels to regenerate and keep skin plump and tight. Today, alpha hydroxy, all natural peels are the #2 most requested non invasive plastic surgery procedure in the U.S.

Get Your Personal Skin Care Plan In Just 4 Easy Steps

Consumers are drawn to Armour's ethical practice, exceptional products, and fair price point. Armour states that T4 "thrives on providing consumers with botanical antioxidants, plus a scientific system of skin wellness that fosters age management, health, and connection to one's well-being."  Also attractive is Armour's desire to provide advanced cosmeceutical strength skin repair, in nanotechnology formulations at a reasonable price. Users typically see a 50% price reduction when compared to other high-end lines. T4 retailers pass these savings on to you.


A Naples, Florida resident, Armour founded her skincare line in 2004. Her products are results-oriented. Chemists use physician strength ingredients for cosmeceutical skin repair. These high-quality ingredients, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Resveratrol, Retinol A, CoQ10, Zinc, and various Peptides, are mixed to create prescriptive-quality serums, hydrators, reparative cremes, and face + body peels. From sun damage and actinic keratosis to rosacea, acne, fine line and wrinkles, the T4 4 Step Program creates the perfect treatment plan for your optimal skin repair results.

Consumers see a noticeable difference in their skin in just 1 or 2 months applying their always complimentary | all natural | alpha | beta hydroxy, pharmaceutical miracle face peel [$125 value per peel] and daily using T4 cosmeceutical products. Their unique combination of Lipid Hydrators, Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Collagen Builders, Peptides, and Zinc Oxide assure the skin's remarkable healing and rejuvenating process.

Helena Armour-Founder