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Product Selections For Complimentary Alpha/Beta Peels

T4 + H Skin Repair’s Complimentary Peel Program Is Beneficial For The Onset of Adolescent Oily/Blemished + Adolescent Compromised Skin Conditions We Recommend 4 Simple Steps

  1. T4 Alpha + Beta Cleanser
  2. T4 Extreme Retinol Resurfacing Crème
  3. T4 SPF 30 Natural Mineral Moisturizer
  4. Complimentary, Monthly (no fee) All Natural AHA/BHA Miracle Face Peels


Visit or for more product info or click YouTube tutorials below each skin type.


-Cure Your Blemished Break-Out Skin With T4 + H Skin Repair + Complimentary Miracle Face Peels


- Cure Your Red-Rosacea Skin With T4 + H Skin Repair + Complimentary Miracle Face Peels


- Cure Your Aging-Dry-Sun Damaged Skin With T4 + H Skin Repair + Complimentary Miracle Face Peels


- Cure Your Wrinkled-Sagging-Aging Skin With T4 + H Skin Repair + Complimentary Miracle Face Peels


to rid skin of top dead cell layers, increase cell turnover, allow age management products to penetrate better to repair more effectively, help fight + heal breakout prone skin, improve skin texture, tone, firm + smooth. effective ingredients that detoxify: natural papaya enzyme, natural alpha hydroxy, salicylic, lactic, mandelic + pyruvic.

T-4-Alpha-Hydroxy-Cleanser t4 alpha + beta hydroxy cleanser
(8 oz. $33.50)
itembox-pro-biotic-cleanser h pre + biotic hydrate + repair cleanser
(5 oz. $36.50)
T-4-Body-Boost t4 face + body enzyme exfoliating plumping cleanser
(5 oz. $34.50)
T-4-Oxygenating-Antioxidant-Face-Gel t4 oxygenating + antioxidant face + body gel
(8 oz. $36.50)
itembox-pro-biotic-face-tonic h pro + biotic brighten + restore face tonic
(5 oz. $34.50)
T-4-Face-and-Body-Peel t4 all natural leave on 10% mandelic peel
(2 oz. $56.00)
T-4-Glycolic-Face-Body-Peel t4 15% all natural glycolic, lactic, pyruvic peel


effective ingredients: salicylic, sulfur colloidal, zinc oxide, camphor, glycolic, oxygen plasma.

T4-extreme-blemish t4 extreme blemish zapper
(1 oz. $49.50)
hydration-darker-label t4 glycolic + salicylic + oxygen + zinc purifying mask
(1 oz. $43.50)
6% glycolic blemish exfoliating + hydrating gel t4 6% glycolic blemish exfoliating + hydrating gel
(1 oz. $49.50)


to fight free radical damage, protect from sun radiation, resurface skin, speed up cell turnover, promote new collagen, reduce wrinkles, thicken skin, brighten texture, improve pores, heal blemishes + light scarring. ingredients that feed/resurface skin: 2 gold standards: vitamin c + retinol.

T4-extreme-ret t4 1% retinol resurfacing crème
(1 oz. $59)
itembox-brighten-repair h 5% retinol + 6 peptides plumping + resurfacing serum
(1 oz. $99.50)
itembox-20-serum t4 + h 20% vitamin c serum w/ vitamins b3, b5, e + ferulic
(1 oz. $79.50)
itembox-eye-face-neck-repair t4 + h anti-aging + antioxidant + peptide clarifying + lifting crème
(2 oz. $54.50)
itembox-eye-face-neck-repair t4 + h dna lift + tighten + firm hyaluronic acid creme w/ teprenone
(1 oz. $74.50)
itembox-eye-face-neck-repair t4 + h nightly triple stem cell serum
(2 oz. $68.50)
itembox-eye-face-neck-repair t4 oxygen revitalizing + clarifying leave on peptide night mask
(2 oz. $51.00)

LIGHTENING/BRIGHTENING SKIN : [Brown Spots, Brown Patches, Pregnancy Mask]

to even skin appearance + color + remove brown spots + patches + block new pigment production + repair light scarring. Ingredients that lighten/brighten skin: hydroquinone (gold standard for 57 years), arbutin, non- hydroquinone 4% helxylresorcinol works 4 times faster than hydroquinone, niacinamide (b3).

itembox-sun-age t4 + h sun + age spot remover
(1 oz. $62.00)
2hydroquinone t4 2% hydroquinone lightening crème w/ vitamin c + hyaluronic
(1 oz. $46.50)


to calm + correct redness due to rosacea, breakouts, sun damage, dryness, thin skin broken cappilaries. Ingredients that calm rosacea/red skin: amino acid palmitoyl proline, white lotus flower, sea whip, hesperidin methyl chalcone, dipeptide 2, tetrapeptide-7, red marine algae, licorice root, cola seed, allantoin, green tea.

T4-No-More-Red-Skin-Surface-Bumps-Spider-Veins t4 no more red skin-surface bumps-spider veins
(1 oz. $49.50)


to boost more skin hyaluronic, elastin + collagen + repair lines + wrinkles. Peptides are small short chains of amino acids able to penetrate skin to protect against premature collagen destruction. Peptides act as messengers between the epidermis + dermis, inducing the dermis to think it's sent a lot of collagen to the skin's surface, restoring thickness, smoothness + youthful skin strength, creating a healthy anti-inflammatory environment; reducing scarring, speeding up cell turnover, stimulating antioxidant enzymes, modulating pigmentation + reducing anti-microbial activity.

Peptide ingredients that stimulate/optimize skin: matrixyl (tetrapeptide-7 or pentapeptide-3), argireline (acetyl hexapeptide-8 + 3), palmitoyl tetrapeptide-5, palmitoyl dipeptide-2 + 5, palmitoyl tripeptide-1, rice protein, soy protein, oligopeptide, pentapeptide-18, heptapeptide-1, copper peptide, oxygen plasma, hexapeptide-11, hexapeptide-30, epidermal growth factors: sh-oligopeptide-1, sh-oligopeptide-2, sh-polypeptide 9 +11.

Plant stem cells produce growth factors, peptides + proteins telling surrounding cells how to perform. T4 + H nightly triple stem cell serum contains epigenetic factor proteins with information to stimulate skin stem cells without altering DNA managing age by lightening, smoothing and reducing irritation + fighting wrinkles.

t4 radiant hyaluronic + plumping matte luster serum t4 radiant hyaluronic + plumping matte luster serum
(1 oz. $48.50)
6-PEPTIDES t4 6 peptides line filler
(.5 oz. $57)
itembox-brighten-repair h 5% retinol + 6 peptides plumping + resurfacing serum
(1 oz. $99.50)
itembox-bio-placenta t4 + h bio-placenta peptide treatment
(1 oz. $77.50)
itembox-leave-on-clarifying t4 + h nightly triple stem cell serum
(2 oz. $68.50)
no more lip lines plumping + repair treatment t4 + h no more lip lines plumping + repair treatment
(.5 oz. $39.50)
itembox-brighten-repair t4 + h super peptide lash regenerator
(.16 oz $64.50)


to reduce thinning, sagging, wrinkled skin; restore plumpness, volume, shape; improve contour to lift, nourish + moisturize skin; dissolve fat; tone + tighten; increasing skin elasticity + thickness. Ingredients that contour, lift + firm: sarsaspogenin, macelignan, adiposlim, adipoless.

T-4-Face-Boost t4 lifting + plumping face + body contour lotion crème
(4 oz. $49.50)
T4-neck%2Bchest%2Bjawline t4 neck + chest + jaw line treatment crème
(2 oz. $59.50)
T4-neck%2Bchest%2Bjawline epidermal + cellular growth super renewing serum w/ retinol, hyaluronic, acacia
(1 oz. $68.00)


to fight against crows feet, eye wrinkles, glycation, sagging; reduce dark circles + puffiness; stimulate collagen + elastin; restore firmness + hydration. Ingredients that contour, lift + firm: plant based asteraceae siegesbeckia orientalis, darutoside, hyaluronic acid, soy + rice peptides, yeast protein, seaweed.

T-4-Extreme-Dark-Circle-Cream t4 dark circle + anti-puff eye lift crème
(.5 oz. $49.50)
itembox-firm-restore-serum h dark circle + puffy eye firming peptide serum
(.25 oz. $49.50)


to help pull + seal moisture from atmosphere; providing skin barrier protection, to break down toxins, repairing dna cell damage, to replenish oxygen, resisting bacteria, to prevent fine lines + wrinkles, flaking, irritation, loss of tone to keep skin supple + youthful. ingredients that hydrate: sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, beeswax, lecithin, glycol, vitamin a, soybean oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, shea, jojoba, argan, avocado, apricot kernel, rose hip oil, squalene, vitamins b + e, bio-fermented plant lipids.

T-4-Collagen-Boosting-Face-Repair t4 collagen boosting face repair crème w/retinol + vitamin c
(2 oz. $64.50)
itembox-eye-face-neck-repair h pre + biotic retinol / vitamin c / dmae / alpha lipoic repair cream
(2 oz. $79.50)
t4-intensive-healing t4 intensive healing + hydrating crème w/ retinol + vitamin c / e / coq10
(2 oz. $48.50)
itembox-hydrate-restore-lipid h hydrate + restore essential lipid ceramide serum
(1 oz. $62)
t4 dry + damaged shea peptide face creme t4 dry + damaged shea peptide face creme
(2 oz. $59.50)
t4 anti-aging 6% glycolic exfoliating + hydrating gel t4 anti-aging 6% glycolic exfoliating + hydrating gel
(1 oz. $49.50)


to protect from UVA + UVB damaging sun rays, environmental pollutants, air pollution, compromised ozone + fight free radical damage + skin cancer. The best 2 ingredients to protect skin: zinc oxide + titanium dioxide; full spectrum, non-irritating, physical sun barriers that sit on top of skin to deflect UV sun rays as opposed to chemical sunscreens that penetrate skin.

T-4-Natural-Mineral-Moist t4 spf 30 natural mineral eye + face oil free/chemical free moisturizer
(2 oz. $26.50)
itembox-hydrate-restore h spf 30 sun + blemish fix mineral moisture cream
(1 oz. $38)
itembox-hydrate-restore-tinted h spf 30 sun + blemish fix tinted mineral moisture cream
(1 oz. $39.50)
T-4-Day-Creme t4 anti-aging spf 25 vibrant day brightening creme w/ plant stem cells
(2 oz. $48.50)


to soothe, hydrate, repair, protect wrinkled, slack, cellulite, cracked, chapped skin and balding head due to hair loss. effective ingredients: glycolic, lactic, salicylic, dead sea salts, vitamins a, e, coq10, argan oil, shea, avocado, hyaluronic, peptides, coconut, menthol, glycerin, eucalyptus, sea buckthorn seed oil, (linoleic, alpha-linolenic), fennel seed, superoxide dismutase, foeniculum vulgare, peptide hexapeptide-11, swertia japonica, lemon.

t4 body boost exfoliating + firming lotion t4 body boost exfoliating + firming lotion
(8 oz. $39.50)
t4 lips + hands + feet cracked skin repair creme t4 lips + hands + feet cracked skin repair creme
(2 oz. $29.50)
t4 no wash hair growth + repair serum t4 no wash hair growth + repair serum
(4 oz. $49.50)

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T4 Skin Care

T4 Alpha + Beta Hydroxy Cleanser 8 oz. $33.50

T4 Oxygenating + Antioxidant Face Gel 8 oz. $36.50

T4 Collagen Boosting Face Repair Crème w/ Retinol + Vitamin C 2 oz. $64.50

T4 SPF 30 Natural Mineral Moisturizer 4% Titanium 2 oz. $26.50

T4 Face + Body Enzyme Exfoliating Plumping Cleanser 5 oz. $34.50

T4 Intensive Healing + Hydrating Crème w/ Retinol + Vitamin C + E + CoQ10 2 oz. $48.50

T4 2% Hydroquinone Skin Lightening Crème w/ Vitamin C + Hyaluronic 1 oz. $46.50

T4 Extreme Retinol Resurfacing Crème 1 oz. $59.00

T4 Radiant Hyaluronic + Plumping Matte Luster Serum 1 oz. $48.50

T4 Six Peptides Line Filler .5 oz. $57.00

T4 Face + Body Contour Lotion for Sagging Skin 4 oz. $49.50

T4 Neck-Chest-Jaw Line Treatment Crème 2 oz. $59.50

T4 No More Red Skin-Surface Bumps-Spider Veins 1 oz. $49.50

T4 Extreme Blemish Zapper 1 oz. $49.50

T4 Glycolic-Salicylic-Zinc Purifying Mask 1 oz. $43.50

T4 Dark Circle/Puffy Eye Lifting Crème .5 oz. $49.50

T4 15% Glycolic + Pyruvic + Lactic Peel 2 oz. $49.50

T4 10% Mandelic Alpha Hydroxy Face + Body Peel 2 oz. $56.00

T4 Dry + Damaged Shea Peptide Face Creme 2 oz. $59.50

T4 Anti-Aging 6% Glycolic Exfoliating + Hydrating Gel 1 oz. $49.50

T4 Oxygen Revitalizing + Clarifying Leave-On Night or Day Mask 2 oz. $51.00

t4 anti-aging spf 25 vibrant day brightening creme w/ plant stem cells 2 oz. $48.50

T4 Body Boost Exfoliating + Firming Lotion 8 oz. $39.50

T4 Lips + Hands + Feet Cracked Skin Repair Crème 2 oz. $29.50

T4 No Wash Hair Growth Serum 4 oz. $49.50

T4 + H Skin Repair

T4 + H Sun + Age Spot Remover 1 oz. $62.00

T4 + H Bio Placenta Growth Factor Peptide Treatment 1 oz. $77.50

T4 + H 20% Vitamin C Super Serum w/ B, E + Ferulic 1 oz. $79.50

T4 + H Anti-Aging + Antioxidant + Peptide Leave On Lifting Crème 2 oz. $54.50

T4 + H No More Lip Lines Plumping + Repair Treatment .5 oz. $39.50

T4 + H Super Peptide Lash Regenerator .16 oz. $64.50

T4 + H Nightly Triple Stem Cell Serum 2 oz. $68.50

T4 + H DNA Lift + Tighten Teprenone Creme 1 oz. $74.50

T4 + H Super Renewing Serum w/ Retinol + Hyaluronic 1 oz. $68.00

H Skin Repair

H Pre Biotic Cleanser 5 oz. $36.50

H Pro Biotic Face Tonic 5 oz. $34.50

H Pre Biotic 5% Retinol-5% Lactic-6 Peptide Serum 1 oz. $99.50

H Hydrate + Restore Essential Lipid + Ceramide Serum 1 oz. $62.00

H Pre + Biotic Retinol + Vitamin C + DMAE + Alpha Lipoic Eye + Face + Neck Repair Crème 2 oz. $79.50

H SPF 30 Sun + Blemish Fix Moisture Cream 1 oz. $38.00

H SPF 30 Sun + Blemish Fix Makeup BB Cream 1 oz. $39.50

H Dark Circle-Puffy Eye Peptide Firming Serum ¼ oz. $49.50


SPF 20 Retexturizing Face Primer 1 oz. $36.00

Dual/Action Ceramide + Peptide + Caffeine DePuff Concealer .4 oz. $34.00

lightmedium2 Light-Medium

lightmedium2 Photo Touch Corrective + Line Smoothing Mineral/Antioxidant Concealer .07 oz. $35.00

Organic Eye-Cheek-Lip Tint Crème $32.00 (select option)

pinkfost Pink Frost

blush Blush

sienna Sienna

merlot Merlot


SPF 15 Luminous Foundation 1 oz. $42.00 (select option)

pale-biege Pale Beige

Mineral Powder Foundation .37 oz. $39.50 (select option)

lightmedium Shell

medium Creme

mediumdeep Sunlit

SPF 15 Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation 1 oz. $39.50 (select option)

procelain Porcelain

pale-biege2 Pale Beige

neutral-biege Natural Beige

SPF 20 Mineral Tint Moisturizer 1 oz. $39.50 (select option)

procelain2 Porcelain

natural-glow Natural Glow

satinglow Baked Finishing Powder (Satin Glow) .37 oz. $39.50

satinglow Baked Finishing Powder (Matte Light Beige Bronze) .37 oz. $39.50

fiji Baked Bronzer (Fiji) .35 oz. $39.50

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